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  • 1800’s shipwreck artifact

    This 1800’s shipwreck artifact was found submerged in the tidal water of North Key Largo, and this piece emulates how it was found in nature. As you see in the pictures the artifact, and the coral can be rearranged to create several different displays. Includes the driftwood, artifact, and 2 pieces of brain coral. A small light can be added for $75.00

    Disclaimer: We make no assumptions to the age and worth of the artifact.

    Height 25in Width 32in Depth 12in.

    $475.00 free shipping

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  • Coastal Driftwood Pair of Rustic Chic Lamps

    This pair of Driftwood Lamps definitely has all the coastal charm, and rustic elegance. They are a pair, however, they each have their uniqueness. They can easily be shown from any angle, and you can still see the gorgeous wood grain sparkling thru the gloss lacquer. Both lamp are exactly the same size.

    Height 25 inches, width 10 inches, depth 10 inches. lamp is wired, with plug, light socket, harp and matching finial. Shades are not include

    $1,299 PLUS SHIPPING

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  • Desk or Table Lamp with Chic Coastal Rustic Charm

    This driftwood desk or table lamp with chic rustic coastal charm is a must have if you need a little smaller lamp. The gorgeous knots, and swirls in the base of the lamp show the majestic power of mother nature, and the beauty she creates.

    The lamp is completely wired, and includes the plug, light socket, harp, and matching finial. Measurements are height 23 inches, width 12 inches, depth 7 inches.

    $359.00 PLUS SHIPPING

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  • Driftwood and Coral Nautical Lighted Display

    Driftwood and Coral Nautical Lighted Display. Driftwood has been professional cleaned, sealed, and finished with urethane. Includes all hard ware, cord, and plug. Coral is also included.

    22 in high, 16 in wide, and 18 deep

    $475.00 plus shipping

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  • Driftwood Hanging Lamp

    Driftwood Hanging Lamp with gray and white Shade. The driftwood has been professionally cleaned, sealed, and finished with urethane.

    30 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 20 inches debt

    $475.00 plus shipping

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  • Floor Lamp

    Driftwood Floor Lamp finished in the mahogany color. The lamp has been professionally cleaned, sealed, and finished in urethane. Shade is not included. Completely wired, hardware included, and wiring.

    64 in high, and 14 inches wide


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  • Grape Wood Vine

    This piece of Grape Wood Vine was found in California. It could be used as a center piece on the dining table, or a beautiful decorative display.

    Height 9in Width 10in Depth 9in.

    $159.00 and free shipping

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  • Hors D’oeuvre Tree

    his is one of five pieces used at a White House banquet in the 1960s. Truly a collector’s item, and a beautiful display for any present-day occasion. Pre-drilled holes for skewers to hold meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, confections, etc. Three hand-formed ceramic chip and dip trays glazed in turquoise with elegant gold trim.

    Dimensions: Approx 24 inches tall, 16 x 22 inches wide


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