Welcome to Legendary Driftwood

by Joseph jr.

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Joseph’s driftwood is not the common driftwood that most people are used to. It was buried beneath the coral rock in the Keys of South Florida. After being dried in the tropical sun, and submerged under salt water during high tide, it cause it to become semi-petrified. Our
driftwood is guaranteed to never rot.

My father was the creator, and owner of “Joseph’s Driftwood” in Dania, Florida, and that is where I learned the art of creating driftwood furniture. We sold furniture throughout the US, and Europe. Check out Our History page

Now when I look at each piece of driftwood, I have a vision of what I can create out of it. I still use the same finish we used; it preserves the natural mahogany color, and the formula is still a family secret. I have kept all the remaining driftwood from my father’s store. I am
fulfilling his legacy. His vision was simple, now it’s my vision in his honor:

“Let Joseph finish what Mother Nature started.”

Please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to help you with any questions you may have. I am happy to create special orders that compliment your decorating style.

We’ll work with you and these classic natural formations to create furniture and décor that compliments your decorating style.

Let’s talk, please contact me at joseph@legendarydriftwood.com