Custom Designs

One of our specialties at Joseph’s was, and still is, custom furniture and décor to enhance specific spaces … from grand hotel lobbies and restaurants to living rooms and reading nooks. Based on customer specifications, we’ve created bars, fountains, tables of all shapes and sizes, chandeliers, table lamps, wall hangings, wildlife habitats, trophy fish mounts, and much more. While the natural wood finish developed by Joseph Sr is preferred by most, we can accommodate alternate finishes.

Let’s put our heads together and turn your desire into a Legendary Driftwood creation. Email:

  • Table
    • Coffee/sofa height
    • End/lamp height
    • Dining/patio height
  • Lamp
    • Floor
    • Table
    • Wall
    • Ceiling
  • Fish or Game Mount Display
    • Wall hanging
    • Free standing
  • Something else? 

Let’s talk. For an appointment, please contact us at